Graduate perspective – Shalini

Why did you decide on the Uni route rather than a school-leaver Apprenticeship and what subject did you study?

I decided to choose the Uni route because I wanted to have the chance to experience what moving away from home would be like and become more independent. It was also a great opportunity for me to meet new people from different parts of the country. This has allowed me to make friends for life who I still regularly meet up with.

I also didn’t want to be stuck in a 9 to 5 job after coming out of sixth-form and thought Uni would therefore be the best option for me to be able to experience something new.

Before going to Uni I always knew accounting was something I wanted to go into when I was older because I have always been good with numbers, therefore I decided to study Accounting and Finance at the University of Liverpool.

How did you find out about the Graduate Apprenticeship Programme at Kirk Newsholme and what stood out to you about the firm?

After I finished Uni, I spent some time during summer researching roles in accountancy which is when I came across Kirk Newsholme.

After further research, I read several reviews from clients on the KN website, most of which state how helpful the team at KN have been to their business and how the knowledge of the staff had impressed them and I knew helping clients was something I wanted to be a part of which led me to apply for their graduate role from the careers section of their website.

KN also has a variety of different departments that you could work for. I have now been working in audit for over a year and really enjoy it. I promise it’s definitely not as boring as some may think it sounds! I have the opportunity to meet new clients all the time and learn more about their business and what they do.

How did you find the transition from Uni into the workplace?

 Honestly, it was difficult. It definitely took me a couple of months to get used to the transition and to get out of the rut of napping when I got home from work!

However, working in a busy environment makes the day go by much faster and there’s always a laugh (or two) to be had at work with colleagues.

Having come from an accounting background at Uni, parts of my job would already be familiar which made it a lot easier for me than I thought it would be.

Is the reality of working in Practice what you expected?

No, but in a good way!

I never knew how much interaction there would be with clients when working in practice which is something I love given I enjoy meeting new people and being able to help clients and their businesses.

What have you found the benefits are of studying the qualification via an apprenticeship?

 The main benefit from studying via an apprenticeship is all the support that is made available to me. College tutors are always available to help with any issues and to just generally support me throughout my apprenticeship.

Most of my colleagues are also studying via an apprenticeship which has allowed us all to support each other and help each other out which has been great because for me personally there’s been a lot to learn from my colleagues who are further along in their apprenticeship then I am.

Another benefit is that you are working at the same time as studying. I find working in audit has really enhanced my knowledge and I’ve definitely used a lot of the skills and knowledge that I have picked up in my day to day job and applied it in my studies which has made it easier and less stressful.

 Do you have any tips for future Graduates looking to apply to KN?

 It’s ok to be nervous!

I was extremely nervous when I first applied for a graduate role and during the interview process but everyone I interacted with during this process made me feel very welcome.

The team at KN are all supportive of each other and very friendly!

I would also recommend researching the different departments that KN has to offer, for example audit, tax and business services to see which you would feel would suit you the most based on your strengths and past experiences.