Road Haulage

It’s hard to overestimate the growing importance of road haulage within the logistics sector, an area which accounts for 8% of the total UK workforce. More than 68% of all goods are now moved by roads – compared to 53% in 1980 – and more than 23,000 employees work in road haulage in Yorkshire and the Humber alone.

Kirk Newsholme has worked closely alongside Road Haulage companies for many years. We’ve consistently provided advice to owner managed and family businesses across Yorkshire and beyond.

In this time, we’ve developed a strong understanding of the particular challenges which confront haulage companies. HGV activity has decreased significantly in recent years, in line with the downturn in construction and manufacturing. At the same time, increased oil prices and fuel duty have continued to put pressure on businesses in this industry.

Kirk Newsholme’s broad knowledge of the road haulage sector – and how to serve it – is built on a close association with our own clients and other professionals within the region. We can help you to address key issues including:

  • Fuel price volatility and issue of passing on costs to customers.
  • The merits of operating fuel cards, investing in depot fuel tanks or exploring LPG conversion.
  • Planning and monitoring activity levels by driver or vehicle.
  • Access to finance to fund fleet renewals.
  • Corporation tax planning in relation to fleet renewals and other capital expenditure.
  • Exchange rate fluctuations for international haulage.
  • VAT issues with domestic and international haulage.
  • Agreeing dispensations with HMRC for overnight allowances for drivers.
  • Compliance with VOSA regulations including operator licenses, driving hours, record keeping and qualifications.

The ability of road haulage companies to operate successfully has a crucial bearing on the country’s infrastructure as a whole. Every time we pick up a product from a supermarket shelf we are depending on the efforts of workers within this sector.  Kirk Newsholme is committed to supporting road haulage companies with practical advice and specialist knowledge born of many years’ experience.

Road Haulage Association
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