A Sage Business partner

Sage Business Services in Leeds Whilst many businesses rely on Sage software in their business in several areas, the key is about having the know-how and expertise to use it to its full potential.  This is where we can help.

It’s usually the case that clients want to glean key information quickly and efficiently – but are compiling reports manually over several days or are simply using out of date, inefficient systems. As Sage business partners, we have several years’ hands-on experience of working with clients to devise and download bespoke reports from SAGE that meet their specific requirements. Over the years we have developed an unrivalled depth of understanding and expertise of these systems which in turn results in huge savings both in time and financial resource for our clients.

Below are just a few examples of how we have helped our clients:

  • Our client was spending two days each month calculating hugely complicated sales commissions and having to manually calculate sales agents’ rates.  We introduced a system that provides this information at the touch of a button – with obvious time and money savings
  • Another client wanted to analyse product profitability information by each key customer. Our report now enables this client to look at quantity, sales value, cost price and profit per customer purchase – particularly useful for business planning
  • Our client wanted to manage its stock levels more efficiently and needed to find a way of identifying slow moving stock over specific periods of time. We designed a report which provides this information instantly within a specific date range

For further information about Sage Business Services in Leeds & Yorkshire, please contact Alex Dunhill alex.dunhill@kirknewsholme.co.uk DD 0113 5317368.

Please note that we are not a training centre and do not offer classroom/certified training courses. Our bespoke training is specifically designed to give one to one training tailored to the individual or team based on your business requirements.