Assurance Services

If your business operates in one of the regulated sectors, you will be required to undergo a regular compliance review.

Alongside the statutory audit services offered by our audit and assurance team, we can also provide you with assurance services, across a number of the regulated sectors, including:-

  • Solicitors Accounts Rules Audit
  • FSA compliance reports
  • ABTA and ATOL accountant reports
  • DTI compliance reports

While business affected by compliance assignments can sometimes see these as an unwelcome burden, our team of experienced compliance specialists will work with you to make sure that the necessary work is carried out in a timely way, with the minimum amount of disruption.

If you wish to know more about our assurance services in Leeds and compliance services in Yorkshire, or would like to arrange an initial meeting, without charge or obligation, please contact Andrew Thomas DD 0113 204 4223 or email