Business Planning

If you want to maximise the profit potential of your business, and achieve your person and commercial goals, business planning is essential.

We know from experience that a good business plan is the common factor linking many successful businesses.

Your business plan needs to be a living statement of your vision, setting out where you are, where you want to be and how you are going to get there. Your plan is also vital in providing potential investors with the information when deciding whether to provide you with finance for future growth and development.

Your business plan needs to set out:

  • A framework for cohesive decision making. The process of preparing the business plan will focus your ideas into credible decisions on future goals and define your vision.
  • A forum for communicating ideas to team members within the business. The business plan should be an open document from which team members in your business can identify with the goals and assist in their attainment.
  • A benchmark against which can measure business performance. The business plan should translate your vision into achievable financial and operational goals against which actual achievements can be regularly measured.
  • A reflection of the business strengths and abilities of the management team. It is vital to build on the strengths of the business and its management team. Whilst minimising the risks of its weaknesses.

By working with us, you’ll benefit from our wide-ranging experience in preparing business plans for owner-managers and start-up enterprises to give you a key advantage as you move your business forward.

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