International Businesses

Our partners and staff have significant experience of group reporting including IFRS group reporting packs. We can offer you the level of expertise you would associate with the best-known firms, combined with the personal approach and competitive rates of a smaller practice.

As a firm we have considerable experience in dealing with subsidiaries of UK companies and we currently report to holding companies in countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark and USA. We also act for UK companies with overseas interests where overseas auditors report back to us in USA, Australia, South Africa and Thailand.

In addition, our partners have extensive experience in reporting to holding companies from their roles in previous practices and between them have dealt with the audits of UK subsidiaries reporting to holding companies in countries such as Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Luxemboug, Belgium and USA.

In almost all cases we report to head office management and their auditors. We understand that our primary responsibility is to head office and are sensitive both to this and the needs of local management, with whom our involvement usually goes beyond the audit to providing tax, financial and commercial advice.

We commit to deliver on what are often tight group reporting deadlines and ensure that the UK statutory accounts are dealt with on a timely basis, thus avoiding late filing penalties and potential downgrading of credit ratings.

If you would like to arrange an initial meeting to discuss how we can help you on International Businesses Services in Leeds, please contact Andrew Thomas DD 0113 204 4223 or email