Paperless office – not just a dream!

Since January 2012 we have been a paperless office.

Why did we do this?

To be more efficient (and to help save the planet!)

Has it worked for us?

Most definitely yes.  All our team now have instant access to client records at their fingertips on their dual screens and no time is wasted in searching the archives for old files etc.  Our document management system ensures that both paper documents and emails are all now saved in the correct place.  Indeed the capturing of incoming and outgoing emails to clients is a fantastic time saving benefit.

With remote access our team are now able to work on client matters away from the office.  The information is all there for them on screen.

How did we do it?

We decided to back scan all our old files in some cases going back 20 years!  This proved to be the most time consuming part.  We hired a super fast industrial scanner to speed up the process.

All incoming post is now scanned in every day.

Would we recommend it to others?

Undoubtedly yes.  Here’s what our Managing Director, Graham Kirk has to say about it:

“Many organisations look at going paperless in order to save office space or off site storage costs and yes this can be a significant benefit.  However for me it was all about improving our business processes and simply being more efficient in our work whilst at the same time being more eco friendly in greatly reducing our paper needs.  I have been delighted with the outcome and the benefits we now get from it”.

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