Checklist 3 – hints to make your bookkeeping easier

  1. Always write a full description, including invoice numbers and discount taken, if any, the date the amount paid on ALL your cheque book stubs.
  2. Always write who you received money from on your paying in book, including the bank’s copy. It is important that you can explain where all money paid into any bank account has come from.
  3. File all unpaid suppliers’ invoices in one file. When you pay the invoice give it a reference number and file it in order on the paid invoice file.
  4. File or keep all sales invoices in reference number order. You might like to keep all unpaid sales invoices in a separate file.
  5. File your petty cash vouchers or small receipts in reference number order, by stapling or sticking the vouchers to A4 paper before filing them.
  6. Keep all your records in order in a safe place. Remember that for tax and VAT purposes you must keep all your records (including personal ones) for a minimum of 6 years.

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