Training schemes address labour and skills shortage in hospitality

The labour and skills shortages across the UK and within hospitality are well documented, but even if you don’t know your cruet from your Creuset, opportunities may be opening up.

The industry has recognised the problem, with companies now launching dedicated training schemes to tackle shortages and raise the bar in terms of quality.

Sustainable pipeline of talent

Valor Hospitality has launched a new Chef Development Academy, and those selected will receive on the job training and targeted tutoring, with the aim of becoming a head chef within five years.

The company says it wants to create a programme to attract, develop and retain chefs to create a sustainable pipeline of talent. The academy will give people on the job apprentice-level training with a starting salary of £20,000 per annum.

For those lucky enough to be accepted the future would appear to be bright, but for others, they might wish to look at other ways of becoming serious players within the industry.

They may not make it to Head Chef at a top establishment but could use their skills to start up their own enterprise. Some tips include:

Setting up a business plan

If you are already in the hospitality business, you could have a head start here. You should look at your food and drink menu and identify costs which might include payroll, raw ingredients and potential profits.

What kind of market are you looking for?

A great first step is looking at which competitors are busy and seeing what they are doing right. What type of food, how it is priced and who are the clientele?

Does your menu have broad appeal?

It may sound like a no-brainer, but pick the best ingredients by shopping around for suppliers, but still keep it affordable. That does not necessarily mean cheap. Customers will pay for creative dishes that are properly cooked and served on time in a courteous way. Your contacts within the industry may help you attract key staff.

Financing the business

There is a wide range of finance options through banks, Government grants, angel investors and crowdfunding. Your accountant will have plenty of options for you.

Chef scheme helps address low pay culture

The Valor scheme could be one of many schemes needed to address the labour and skills shortages within the industry. It shows the need to address low pay, which has been a factor in poor recruitment in the past.

They are offering bonuses and offering a guaranteed minimum wage of £22,500 upon completion of the 12-month course.

Moira Laird, Global HR Director at Valor Hospitality, said:

“Despite the number of jobs in hospitality increasing, the roles being filled are as little as one in ten, due in part to the lack of specialist skills that the candidates have and a responsibility on us all as employers to make hospitality businesses a great place to work and engaging for all our team.”

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