Will the falling pound help boost tourism?

Acting as a silver lining amidst a storm of uncertainty, the crashing pound is likely to attract more US visitors to the UK, it has been suggested.

The pound plunged to a record low against the dollar after the Chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng revealed a wide range of tax cuts in his mini-Budget.

Although British holidaymakers are feeling the negative impact of the dropping pound overseas, the UK has become a top destination for US tourists.

According to The Times, there has been a considerable rise in travellers looking for low rates for travel to the UK.

Patricia Yates, CEO of VisitBritain, said:

“With the pound offering good value for international visitors, we’ve got a timely opportunity to influence destination choice and drive bookings, capitalising on those markets where we see growth including the US, our largest and most valuable market, competing hard to ensure the undecided choose Britain.”

What are the drawbacks?

As well as the falling value of the pound, the upcoming coronation of King Charles III will unexpectedly draw greater numbers of international visitors to the country, helping to boost tourism.

However, rising inflation, energy costs and staff shortages at British hotels and tour companies are all problems that need to be noted.

Export recovery and growth

Present exchange rates make the UK even more attractive for visitors, as inbound tourism is the UK’s second leading export industry.

International tourists and the amount they spend will be a great help for UK export recovery and growth.

The plummeting pound has also made UK retail costs less expensive for those using currencies against which the pound has dropped.

Although we can’t necessarily assume this will persist in the long-term due to the competitive nature of international tourism, for now, the UK tourism industry may well see a welcome boost.

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