Developing a business plan for growth

Just pause for a moment and reflect on those businesses you know, large and small, that are outstandingly successful. How did it happen? What’s their secret?

Of course, in some cases, just being in the right place at the right time would have given a few businesses a nice platform to launch from. But, in the final analysis, their ability to identify what their customers regard as important has been – and will continue to be – at the centre of their success.

There are four ways to grow a business. They are:

  1. Attract more customers
  2. To come back more often
  3. And spend more with you each time
  4. Then recommend you to other businesses and associates

Very few people in business have implemented a strategy focusing specifically on each of these sources of growth, however those who have, are undoubtedly profiting from doing so. At Kirk Newsholme we can help you to develop and plan your business success strategy through our unique Business Development Service.


It is tailored to your needs to provide you with information and support that will help you manage your business more profitably.

We’ll review your past financial records using analytical tools that will help us identify areas for improvement. Based on that analysis, we’ll meet with you for two hours during which time we’ll show you the profit and cash flow potential of your business. You will not be charged for that initial consultation.


In the first instance we work with you to determine a profit goal that you would like to aim for. This obviously has to be realistic but it should also be a challenging goal.

We then explore the ways in which you could approach that profit target.

Then we help you define Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that are critical to the success of your business and which keep you focused on the things that you must get right.

Each month we review your KPI’s and then quarterly we undertake a total review of your management plan. This service ensures that you always have a planning goal to work towards and you are able to see at a glance how you’re doing.

For further information, please contact us on 03332 401 333 or email