Performance Improvement Programme

Are you serious about improving your business?

At Kirk Newsholme, we partner with one of the industry’s leading experts in performance improvement. We’re passionate about helping our clients get the best specialist solutions to deliver radical results for companies that are striving for excellence.

Drawing on their unique blend of hands-on industry experience and proven expertise, our consultancy experts will work with you to:

• Improve customer satisfaction
• Increase profits with improved productivity
• Create a more motivated workforce

Ask yourself:

• Are your business processes in good shape?
• Would you like clarity on how your business could save money?
• Would you like to know if greater output or lower cost per unit output is possible?

If you think you could benefit from exploring these areas further, our experts can carry out an initial performance improvement Health Check to assess your business and identify improvement opportunities where they can then address specific issues and provide solutions…

Get in touch

For more information or to speak to us about a performance improvement Health Check, please speak to
Andrew Thomas on 0113 2044223 or email .