Manufacturing is one of the key sectors for the Yorkshire economy. The Leeds LEP region employs more people in manufacturing than any of the other 38 LEPS throughout the country. In its various guises over 165,000 people are employed in manufacturing in the Leeds LEP representing 13% of all people employed. This makes it the largest employment sector outside the Public Sector. On a national level manufacturing amounts to around 10% of UK GDP, contributes approximately 45% of our exports, carries out 70% of business research and development – and the UK is the eighth largest manufacturing location in the world.

Our involvement in the manufacturing sector stems from an enviable client base of local manufacturing businesses that enables us to keep in regular contact with issues in the sector. We build on this platform by speaking to businesses and other professionals in the region and by attending events aimed specifically at manufacturing businesses such as those organised by UKTI, Leeds City Region LEP, Leeds Manufacturing Forum and the EEF.

We don’t profess to be ‘manufacturing consultants’. Our hands-on approach is based on an ability to provide strong, practical advice derived from a deep understanding of the issues that local manufacturing companies face – and a strong affinity with their working culture, aspirations and challenges. We can help you to confidently address key issues including:

  • The merits of taking their manufacturing operations offshore;
  • Taking advantage of sales opportunities that exist in emerging and shifting international markets;
  • Maximising manufacturing efficiency and increased automation (‘Lean manufacturing’);
  • Access to finance to fund capital expenditure, research and development and innovation;
  • Raw material price volatility;
  • Exchange rate volatility;
  • Bad debt risk and credit insurance cover;
  • Minimising your corporation tax liability and taking maximum advantage of R & D tax credits and capital allowances;
  • Getting good quality staff as a consequence of misinformed poor public perception of the sector and successive government’s apparent lack of success in changing this preconception and in investing sufficiently in the training of skilled operatives;
  • Increasing levels of red tape which make the UK uncompetitive with offshore rivals because of the time and cost involved and
  • Counterfeiting of processes, products and websites by overseas competitors.

It is in all of our interests that the manufacturing industry thrives in order to secure our country’s economic future. We have a passionate interest in continuing to play an active role in supporting businesses in this crucial sector.

Our Head of Manufacturing previously had a similar role as head of Manufacturing at the Leeds office of a top 6 international practice and has over 30 years experience of servicing and advising a wide spectrum of manufacturing businesses.

For more information about how we could help your business please contact our Head of Manufacturing,
Andrew Thomas
DD 0113 204 4223 or email

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