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Introducing the Who’s Who? corner of our monthly Newswire…
Each month we’ll interview one of the team here at KN to tell you a bit more about themselves and their role….after all, everyone loves a good nosey don’t they?!

Justin Smith, Tax Director

Justin leads KN’s team of Tax Specialists, overseeing a wide range of tax affairs for his clients, helping them achieve their goals in business and outside by delivering appropriate tax planning solutions.

What sets Kirk Newsholme apart from the rest?

We really do care about our clients.  Many night’s sleep have been lost over thinking how to get the best result for a client – having technical knowledge in an area means you know what can wrong.  The difficulty is showing that to a potential client – but once you’ve worked with KN, you see it.

What is a typical work day for you?

In before 8am to deal with any admin matters; before the phone starts ringing or the meetings start.  The most enjoyable and rewarding aspect of my role is my involvement with clients and being able to provide solutions.  It’s what I’m here for!

If you weren’t a Tax Director what would you be?

I once told my kids that I could be a music producer as I am good at listening to a track and saying if it would be a hit or not (they thought I had gone mad).  I don’t think Simon Cowell needs to worry just yet.

Where’s your favourite place in the world?

I went to Rome a few years ago (I am not into history, so it was an odd choice).  However the place is just amazing with sights on every street.

What are you currently watching?

I love Killing Eve – what a great series!

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