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Each month we’ll interview one of the team here at KN to tell you a bit more about themselves and their role….after all, everyone loves a good nosey don’t they?!

Andrew Thomas, Audit

Andrew has been with the firm 11 years and manages our Audit department.

What differences have you seen in the workplace in the last 10 years?

There have been some noticeable changes in the profession over the last ten years, not least the largest change in accounting standards in a generation. As we’ve all observed the last ten years have also seen some monumental advancements in technology and their use. As a society we now are more mobile than ever and are accustomed to having access to huge amounts of information wherever we are and whenever we want it. This has influenced the way we work too. Gone are the days of carrying around mountains of paper when it is now possible access the same information, and a whole lot more, from multiple locations. Whilst cyber security and data protection have become more of a concern it remains fascinating to see how technology continues to shape the way we live and work, and it has, and continues to influence the accounting and auditing profession.

What is your most enjoyable aspect of working here?

Easy; the people. Throughout my time at KN I have been very fortunate to work with and act for some great people, and over the past eleven years this has not changed. Whilst I have always enjoyed the ‘accounting’ side of the profession, it is working with talented, motivated and like-minded individuals that continues to inspire me. Similarly, working alongside and providing a top quality service to driven, hard working but always decent, pleasant and appreciative clients continues to give me a buzz.

What is a typical work day in the life of Andrew?

My role has changed over the years, and whilst I still occasionally have to roll my sleeves up and help out with an audit or the preparation of a set of statutory accounts, my role now is more focused towards providing support and advice to my clients and the talented individuals I work alongside; with the occasional audit file review thrown in for good measure !

If you weren’t an Audit Manager what would you be?

After 15+ years in the profession, most of which has been spent in an audit role, it is difficult to imagine myself doing anything else as it is still as enjoyable and challenging today as it was when I first started out. If I’d had the talent, it would have been great however to have forged a career in either cricket or rugby, especially in this era of professionalism and global tournaments, not forgetting the financial riches that are bestowed on our elite sportspeople !

Who inspires you?

Within the profession; my colleagues and my clients, all of whom inspire me to continue to improve and challenge myself in the process. Outside the profession, some of our nation’s top sportsmen and women continue to inspire in terms of their ability to strive for more and push themselves to their absolute limits.

Where’s your favourite place in the world?

San Francisco & Sydney, closely followed by Fiji

What is your favourite food?

My wife’s shepherd’s pie (or any of the fine dishes she prepares – brownie points !!)

If you were a drink what would you be?

A fruity, but nicely chilled sauvignon blanc

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